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Condo Insurance

ABQ Insurance Provides Condo Insurance Throughout Albuquerque, NM

ABQ Insurance offers residents throughout the Albuquerque, NM, area the best options in comprehensive insurance coverage. A condo is a unique type of residence, and it requires a different policy than homeowners insurance but more coverage than renters insurance.

As your condo insurance company, we work closely with you to determine the correct coverage levels, best insurance provider, and affordable rates that work for your budget. Getting insurance for a condo is the best way to protect your investment from various possible damages and losses.

What is Condominium Insurance?

Condo insurance provides coverage up to the policy limits for repair costs and reimbursement for losses to a condominium unit. Depending on the specific policy, this insurance will cover theft, fire, water damage from burst pipes, hail, vandalism, and other types of specified coverage.

It is essential to realize that a condo association may require the condo owner to have this type of insurance. The association will have its insurance that covers losses and potential claims for common areas, the building exterior, and to protect the condo association from liability claims.

The condo association insurance does not typically cover the interior of your condo unit. Depending on their coverage, most condo owners are responsible for insurance to cover all damages to the interior of the unit or any injury claims that occur inside the walls of your home.

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Do I Need Condo Insurance?

Even if the condo association does not specifically require condominium insurance, it is still a way to protect your possessions and your assets. Keep in mind, this insurance covers your household items, possible claims if your dog bites someone, or to replace items that are stolen or damaged. Some coverages may include living expenses if you need to move out while repairs are made.

There are other options in condo insurance coverage through some insurance companies. These can include loss assessment, building property coverage, water backup coverage, replacement for personal property over the standard limit, and vacant or unoccupied condo insurance, which is ideal if you travel or do not live in the condo year-round.

Talk to an experienced agent in Albuquerque, NM, who specializes in coverage options for condo owners. ABQ Insurance provides personalized customer service that allows you to get an instant quote and find the right coverage for the best price.

To find out more about our condo insurance policies and our stress-free claim process, contact us today at 505-217-2100.


Condo insurance covers damages from theft, fire, smoke, vandalism, and water damage from burst pipes as well as liability. Other optional coverages are available.

It is helpful to review your insurance annually to ensure complete coverage at the best premiums.

If used as a rental property or if the condo contains a home office, the insurance may be fully or partially tax deductible.

Contact the team at ABQ Insurance for a fast, easy, and convenient way to file your condo insurance claim.

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